MacTechs - Macintosh Systems and Network Support

Join us. The water’s fine.

MacTechs is looking for an enthusiastic IT support consultant.

You would be joining a small, dedicated team that supports over 600 clients a year in the greater Seattle area. We support clients both remotely and on-site. We embrace emerging technologies that better our clients' business goals, and make our time more efficient and fun. We specialize in Macs, but work with PCs, too.

We support a wide variety of industries, from biotech to financial to architecture and creative, and have earned the opportunity to guide organizations of all sizes through continuous technology challenges, objectives and improvements. This means our solutions need to scale appropriately to the client need. We leave the cookie-cutters at home.

Specifically we're looking for a Systems Administration-level consulting position. This position could be grown into from a Helpdesk or general IT support role if the right skills and motivation were present.

Experience we're looking for (or interest in these fields if you think you'd like to grow into them):

  • IP networking/routing/NAT, DNS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, VPNs (all sorts), etc.
  • Email protocols: IMAP, SMTP, EWS/ActiveSync, etc.
  • Servers/storage: DAS, SAN, NAS, File shares, cloud storage, etc.
  • Monitoring systems: SNMP, email alerts/periodic scripts, nagios, etc.
  • Management techniques: ARD/RDC/VNC, terminal shell/SSH, headless servers, virtualization, daemons/background software, etc.
  • Management systems: AD, OD, MDM, Cloud hosted services, etc.
  • Managed services: Munki, DeployStudio, autopkg, AutoDMG, custom packaging, Casper, Absolute, etc.
  • Security: best practices, password policies, encryption, securing systems, etc.
  • Coding/scripting: systems tools, scripting, deployments, etc.
  • General Helpdesk end-user support: applications, configuration, hand-holding, etc.

Duties include

  • Assuring technology is improving the business success of our clients
  • Care, feeding, and design of servers, networks, end-user workstations, support systems, and infrastructure
  • Along with our team manage and address a queue of client Helpdesk support requests
  • Constant sharing of strategic and technical information — our team is better than any one individual for our clients
  • Thoroughly document work and technical systems — both for billing purposes and for shared client knowledge in management systems
  • Regularly scheduled on-site and remote work as required for clients
  • Help sniff out innovative ideas to improve our processes and performance
  • More details available in interviews

Conversation starters

  • Belltown office, walking distance to some clients
  • Remote work and potential telework opportunities
  • We occasionally work evenings or weekends in trade for a flexible workweek
  • Lab environment: encouraged experimentation, exploration and testing
  • Laid back office culture, families welcome
  • Base pay plus commission, depending on experience/billings
  • Health & dental insurance, IRA matching, paid vacation, downtown shared parking
  • Continuing education, professional development, industry conferences are all on the table

Key features of an ideal candidate

  • Gets frequent compliments about being a good listener
  • Can comfortably translate "techno-speak" into laymen's terms
  • Lives, eats, breaths, and sleeps technology, but also (and importantly) balances other life interests too
  • Loves interacting with people as much as technology
  • Walks friends to their car and waves goodbye as they drive away at the end of the evening
  • Uses good judgement and exercise uncompromising integrity
  • Provides complete and appropriate solutions for every customer, regardless of the potential revenue they represent
  • Maintains a fit and healthy Mac mind
  • Demonstrates competence and character that inspires trust
  • Has a strong focus on day-to-day operational excellence
  • Has contributed back to communities (the Apple admin community for example) that others have contributed knowledge and tools to (e.g. open source software, technical or how-to writing, mailing list participation and help, etc.) even in small ways
  • Occasionally tense situations happen; your ability to be cool, calm, and collected will often allay worries and instill confidence


  • Maintains a professional demeanor with clients and team members
  • Responsible and responsive to clients and team members
  • Previous experience or exceptional schooling in the field of IT support and/or engineering
  • Demonstrable and quick critical thinking in an IT capacity. I.e. need to be able to think on the spot, quickly, and decisively to put a solution together or solve an issue
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Personable, friendly, and patient with even the most challenging of people
  • Client onsite attire is generally business casual
  • Self-starting/motivating, independent, but also able to work efficiently in small teams
  • Must have reliable vehicle to travel around the greater Seattle area (on-site work)
  • Ability to lift/handle servers/rack-mount gear (50 lbs)
  • We highly value our clients' security so a standard NDA and non-compete are required by us and occasionally by our clients directly

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to explore. We'd love to talk!

Get in touch at Include a resume along with any links or resources related to your skills & abilities that you feel comfortable sharing: e.g. a Github account with your code, a StackExchange account, a blog or other technical writing, etc. If you have yet to make your IT impact, MacTechs might be the place to start! :)

Your kind patience would be much appreciated in replying to you. We're super busy now because we haven't yet hired you. Thanks!